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Hoiberg on Sports Nightly

Red Don

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Here is a brief recap I found on another site. :Redface:

Greg starts off the segment with some standard 'haven't talked to you in a while' banter but HCFH quickly gets to work detailing the summer
  • Brief overview of the process to get everyone back on campus and cleared to work out
  • Strategically brought guys back in waves and early on focused on individual skill work
  • Currently have full practices going
  • Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory Assistant Director Chris Bach is working with the team on managing workloads. They use the Catapult system (those things that look like sports bras in some of the practice photos you see) which tracks movements and workloads which allows the staff to construct a week to the point where they'll shut guys down who hit their limits. Every Monday they do a jump test to see if there is any fatigue. For example one Monday the guys came in and the numbers backed up the fatigue the coaches could see so they changed to a recovery style week of practice.
  • Doesn't know when the season will start. Guesses that the late November date recently announced will work as many universities will be closing around Thanksgiving which will create a bubble type environment for the players.
On training table being closed down
  • Obviously not ideal but they have 'fueling stations' that have protein bars/shakes. One upside is that any academic advisors are going directly to the Hendrix Center

On this year's team

  • Much longer, more athleticism , still trying to figure it out how the team all fits together
  • Mentions the teams basketball IQ which leads him into Kobe Webster. Notes his leadership skills, communication, and a guy who can make shots
  • Lat Mayan was a double-double guy last year at JUCO and recently made 86 3s in a 100 shot shooting drill. Hoiberg had never seen anyone make so many. (Kobe Webster noted on twitter that he made 74) He's a guy who can really stretch the floor at his position.
  • Teddy Allen can score, a 3 level scorer. HCFH even complemented his mid-range game.
  • Akol "looks really good"
  • They're going to file Trey McGowens' waiver this week
Talked about Covid related issues like scheduling, guys being smart about not being in high risk situations, recruiting remotely. They're on some "high level kids" for 2021 (we currently have one open scholarship)


Hoiberg did quite well at Iowa State. It's a process for him at UNL that will take some time but I'm expecting bigger and better results each year from his program. Unfortunately I'm 415 miles from Lincoln so getting to any game is a notable trip.