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Hijacking pages are back!


Travel Squad
5 Year Member
And back with a vengeance. These aren’t just hitting my phone, but also on my laptop. It started about 2-3 days ago.


Junior Varsity
2 Year Member
Well either my cookies aren't working or my wife is hijacking my computer because my ads are always woman's clothing and not the ones I care to see.


Travel Squad
5 Year Member
Reported to our ad ops. This crap is getting old.
Brother, I know it isn’t you, it’s a slimy vermin who sits at home and creates ways to be irritating. It’s just when it’s on the laptop as well as the phone, I felt the need to vent. I know you guys are on it!


Javik was correct!
15 Year Member
Just happened again, although just Safari at the moment. It redirects to a page announcing that as an Apple user I won a contest.