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High 4* Carter Whitt to visit > Commit Wake Forest

Rainbow Dash

Task Force One...This is Eagle Eye
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Red Don

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Looking more & more like a good decision not to reclassify to 2020 and stay with his 2021 class. Attending Brewster Academy for his Senior year.



Travel Squad
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He is a really interesting player, and would be a great 'traditional' recruit to get the ball rolling on attracting some high school talent.


Husker Geek
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As I understand it, he's leaving/left Brewster and going to college for Spring? Is it possible for him to get enough partial-semester credits to be eligible to join Nebraska in November in any capacity? Or will he try to greyshirt? He could sit out the season for COVID reasons at this point and still have 5 years of eligibility (I think).

I don't understand this decision, but will be happy if he's 'N'.