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Helpful Hints


Husker Immortal
5 Year Member
I just finished ordering some new ink toner cartridges for my Dell color laser printer and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place to go to see if someone found a way to save money?".

Since I am on this blog a lot I decided to put such a thread here.

Back to my dell cartridges. A couple of years ago I stumbled across an internet outfit called InkPlusToner.com. Now I don't know these folks, I don't own any of their stock and they are not paying me a dime. What I do know is they will save you a ton of money on printer cartridges.

For my Dell printer I had to order a black toner, yellow toner and cyan toner cartridge. For a total of $74.97. Those same cartridges through Dell would have cost me $162 just for the cartridges. I have no idea what the shipping would have been.

Shipping? Did I say shipping. InkPlusToner is free shipping!

So I saved almost $90.00 and that makes me very happy.

I hope you find this a helpful hint.


Red Shirt
2 Year Member
Use the plastic two-liter soda bottle cap on Jergens lotion bottles and turn upside down to get the last drop of that lotion. I use lots of lotion.


Red Shirt
2 Year Member
To more easily beat the Battleship level in World 8 of "Super Mario Bros 3", swim under the ships until the pipe ship shows up. Careful not to get squished between the frame and a ship...also don't drown.