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Held Named One Of Rivals Top 25 Recruiters For The Class Of 2019

All 'N' 011808

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Ryan Held deserves to be on this list. He is a the Energizer Bunny on steroids when it comes to recruiting. To keep Nebraska from having so many offers made to recruits is to keep this guy from recruiting...AND that's not gonna happen.

Look, he is out speaking today at the Glazier Clinic in Dallas.



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Lets enjoy him while he is here. Coach Held is an Up an' Comer and it won't be long before he is off to bigger things. Much deserved for a guy who works as hard as he does.


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Doubt he leaves Nebraska anytime soon.
He'll be a very hot commodity once Frost has Nebraska's offense looking like UCF and his Oregon teams. With his background in that system, his recruiting prowess, the fact he has HC experience on the juco level - I think he'll get OC offers soon.

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Is he still our lowest paid assistant?

As of December, 2017 Held and Fisher were at $300,00 per year. The attached article was published before Ruud was hired, but you can find several articles on the Internet that show Ruud was brought on board for $200,000 per year.

Contract extensions were recently offered and adjusted salaries were not included in the article I read. Held may be making more by now.