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and yet Mathieu doesn't make the coaches' all-american team?


anyway, give it to luck because it looks like the rest will split votes.

Amazing Keenum can be taken off the list for one game. I think he should be up there before I Trent Richardson, Tyrann Mathieu, and Monte Ball. Not that those guys aren't worthy, but really. Keenum has broken records left and right all season. I think he broke the record for records being broken while breaking a record....;)
The Honey Badger has no place in NYC in my opinion, not with people like Brandon Weedon, Lamichael James, Russel Wilson, Case Keenum, and Kellen Moore sitting at home.
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My vote goes to Griffin, simply because he's doing all his stuff at Baylor. Baylor??!!

My husband and I watched the candidate announcement and we were both stunned that Bell and Mattheiu were both on the list. Not saying that they aren't really good, but they weren't names that I've been hearing that much for this award. (I had surgery last Thursday and have had to spend most the time since in bed. So I've heard a LOT of "experts" talking about the Heisman and don't remember either on anybody's list.)

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