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Head Coaching Candidates


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I’ve been hearing no go on Childress from players and national media on twitter. Sounds like Bolt may be the guy, it’s certanly who Darin was advocating for. But Moos wanted a proven coach, so that could be what is taking so long. He would instantly up our JUCO recruiting which could take us to the next level (Erstad recruited high school really well but was horrible with JUCOs). And people raved about our hitting while Bolt was here, but A&M fans not happy with it (had a worse average than Nebraska this year).

This hire would certainly be met with some scrutiny, but I don’t mind it.
I would be ecstatic if Bolt was the guy. Let’s rebuild some of those JUCO relationships!


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Maybe it will be the one head coach who doesn't come to the CWS who should be there watching. Do coaches who don't make the CWS still come and watch?

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After reviewing his record and information, I dont see him as an upgrade from Erstad? In my opinion I think Moos would rather open the checkbook a bit more and get someone with a little more upside?
I don't think the checkbook is the issue. At least not NU's checkbook.


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I don't think the checkbook is the issue. At least not NU's checkbook.
I'd agree. For example, if the rumor was true that Pat Casey would have came here but we weren't willing to offer enough, that is a big misstep for Moos. If Childress was willing to come here, but he wanted us to pay what he would get for a buyout at A&M and a 750k salary, again, another misstep if you don't seal that deal. My take.... this job is tougher for Moos to fill than he thought.

Nate Yeskie and Pat Bailey were assistants at Oregon State who got passed over for the head coaching job for Mitch Canham. Those are two top notch assistants, as Miss State wanted interviews with them before they settled on Lemonis from Indiana. If Moos doesn't have his guy yet, i'd be on the horn. Yeskie was assistant coach of the year and pitching coach of the year in 2017.
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Players coached by Yeskie

2009: Sam Gaviglio (Freshman)
2010: Matt Boyd (Freshman)
2011: Sam Gaviglio
2012: Jace Fry (Freshman)
2013: Andrew Moore (Freshman & Overall), Matt Boyd
2014: Jace Fry, Ben Wetzler
2015: Andrew Moore, Drew Rasmussen (Freshman), Mitch Hickey (Freshman)
2016: Bryce Fehmel (Freshman & Overall)
2017: Luke Heimlich, Jake Thompson, Jake Mulholland (Freshman & Overall), Brandon Eisert (Freshman)
2018: Luke Heimlich, Bryce Fehmel, Jake Mulholland, Kevin Abel (Freshman of the Year)


Quite a few current players are saying Will Bolt is the new head coach. Speculation or fact is unknown.
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