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Harden 4 yr, 228 million ??

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we just jumped from NBA high salaries of around 30-31 mill, all the way up to 57 mill, the guy is good, but come on, you just hamstrung your entire franchise ability to sign any other significant players. Guaranteed contracts can easily remove the incentive that once existed. The NBA just isnt what it used to be, its OK, but I dont see how the salary cap is growing, it just doesnt appear to be a growing sport, its just not that interesting anymore.


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Owners no longer are afraid to go over the salary cap. There will be 13 teams paying the luxory tax this year. In 2 years, Golden State will pay about 200 million in luxory tax alone. The TV deal has put so much money into the owners pockets and they are spending it.


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The NBA is huge internationally. Yes, in the U.S., the NFL reigns supreme. But overseas, basketball has grown at a faster rate than any sport. And the NBA profits from this. China is one example.

"There are 300 million people that play basketball in China," NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum told CNN. "We have over 100 million social media followers in China."
For this month's preseason game between the Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans in Shanghai, part of the NBA's gospel-spreading Global Games, Tatum said "close to 50 million" Chinese tuned in.
"The passions of the fans here for the game and for the NBA is at an all-time high," he added, via telephone, during a trip to China this month.
A successful visit too, with the NBA announcing a new deal with Chinese tech giant Tencent that allows local basketball fans to access every game online during a season.
Over 760 million fans in China watched the NBA during the 2015-16 season, but the new deal should boost this figure.



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Basketball is a "Great" game in and of itself. The NBA, I have to agree somewhat, that it's not what it used to be. It's amazing how one team, or more specifically, one player, can get away with blatant foul after foul, but the other team, fuggedaboutit. I much prefer watching college bball over pro bball.

As far as the China thing goes, more power to 'em I suppose, especially if they can siphon off billions of dollars from the Chinese....