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Gus Johnson


2 Year Member
The World Famous Ohio State University? Is that a real thing, or just Gus doing his best to be the next Brent Musburger?


Junior Varsity
5 Year Member
Gus' style was great when he was relegated to non-marquee games 10 or so years ago. He put a lot of effort into hyping up teams and games that needed a lot of hype, and it worked when he was doing a Purdue/Minnesota game on BTN at 7pm. Now that he's the voice of CFB on FOX, he hasn't figured out, or simply doesn't want to, that all that extra enthusiasm isn't needed, because the games don't need all the extra hype. It comes across as forced, and in some ways artificial.


5 Year Member
I guess to each their own right? I love the enthusiasm and wish others were not so drab and uninterested in the game they are calling.