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Greatest NFL Huskers

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Tom Shatel tried to make an arguement that if Suh wins the super bowl, he may be the greatest. I cant agree with this, so lets start a list. Heres mine and Im sure im forgetting someone. Im keeping Tingelhoff and brown and chamberlian out because they are before my time.

1 - Wil Shields HOF, tons of pro bowls and all pros
2 - Roger Craig 4 pro bowls, Offensive POY one year, numerous super bowl, several NFL firsts,
3 -Irving Fryar 4 pro bowls, 17 yr career, several years was one of best WR in league, top ten in catches in the NFL history when retired
4 - AhmanGreen- several pro bowls and super bowls, all time GB in yards
5 - SuH - quite a few pro bowls and all pros, super bowl champ dominant at his position for awhile
6 - J Dutton - pro bowls galore, let league in sack one year as a DT
7 - Lavonte David - pro bowls, one of the top 3 lbs in the league for years, udnerrated career and a super bow
7 - Tom Rathman - Super bowls, many consider him one of the greatest FB of all time
8 Neil Smith - probowls, dominant at time...several super bowls
9 Junior miller - career cut short but several pro bowls and arugeable the best TE for several years in the league
10 Cory Schlessinger - pro bowls, long succussful career

honarable mention

Mike Rucker and Minter, team captains - long sucessfull career lots of starts
Mike Rozier - underacheived for a hiesman winner but several pro bowls and good solid career
Zach Wiegert, Grant Wistrom.....good solid careers
Tyrone Hughs, Tyrone Williams, Jamie Williams......good careers
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Honorable mention:
Rex Burkhead with a Superbowl ring that he helped to deliver. Especially in the AFC title game against the Chiefs that year.
If Cincy had the smarts to use him more early in his career, he would have some nice career stats.


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I will put in a vote for Mick Tingelhoff and Bob Brown.

Didn't one of the Fischer boys have a 20 year nfl career?

And both Brown and Tingelhoff are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- along with Guy Chamberlin, Roy Lyman, and Will Shields.

Those five all should rank ahead of Suh at this point.

Pat Fischer played 17 years of pro ball, twice first team all pro, twice second team, and three pro bowl appearances.


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The list should start with the guys already in the HOF regardless of when they played... otherwise the thread title should read "Greatest NFL Huskers Since Giffro Started Watching Football"
I just cant speak to guys ive not seen play
So youre right


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I will put in a vote for Mick Tingelhoff and Bob Brown.

Didn't one of the Fischer boys have a 20 year nfl career?
Tingelhoff and Brown have to be the choices based on performance. Both 5x first team all pro and multiple season second team all pro. MT had the most consecutive starts by s lineman in NFL history.
(But the greatest NFL career by a player from a Nebraska college is Dick Night Train Lane from Scottsbluff JC: 7x first team all pro, 3x second team all pro; unanimous pick in 2019 for NFL 100th anniversary team, single season interception record, etc.)


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A few others for discussion:
a) Lloyd Cardwell who played for the Lions 1937 - 1943
b) Sam Francis who was #1 pick in the NFL draft in 1937
c) Bernie Masterson who QBed the Bears to the 1940 NFL title.
d) Ron McDole who played 18 years ibn the NFL--believe he still holds the record for interceptions by a DL (12)
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