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Great article by Dedrick Mills

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Similar to Randy Gregory path. Mills failed his several GTech drug test. Both guys had no criminal records but bad habits :rolleyes:. Simply smoking weed. No hard drugs.

Myself, beer/liquor are more dangerous than MJ both physical and mental (my past experience). Need to changed drug tests ...... Cannabis=PASSED, >0.08% Alcohol=FAILED

Prior to Garden City, Mills spent his freshman season at Georgia Tech in 2016. Mills played in nine games with the Yellow Jackets and was the team’s leading rusher with 771 yards and 85.7 yards per game. He scored 12 touchdowns and averaged 5.1 yards per carry.
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Although perhaps similar, Randy's situation was chronic, the dude messed up sooo many times. It sounds as though Dedrick has his demons in check, congratulations Mr. Mills.
Truly hope he does have his demons in check.Life can be really tough. I too wish him the best.God bless.Keep the faith.GBR.

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Lots of people spend time and money working on their physical health, but very few do the same for their mental health. Kudos to DM for recognizing there was an issue, taking the steps to address the issues, and sharing his story to potentially help someone else.

And kudos to SF for taking a chance on a kid that needed some help. Not all kids that do bad things are bad people.


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Great story. Hope he follows through. Dealing with the demons of depression, expectations, drugs/alcohol is a lifetime endeavor. I wish him the very best. Keep on the correct path, young man. You have it in you to do so.