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Gonzo Injury

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Out for the season....

Fact is, he has been fine with the news that he'll be sidelined a likely seven to nine months because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament since the moment it happened in his first training session of a short-term loan deal to Germany's FC Nuremberg.
“He's progressing pretty well, but I think it's important he comes along slowly,â€￾ the star midfielder said. “Injuries like that, you've got to be careful. If you rush back too soon, then it can set you back. He's a strong kid, he's got age on his side, so he'll be good.â€￾

Gonzalez had left the U.S. national team's camp in Arizona to join Nuremberg, a club looking to bring the tall Texan in on a full-time basis come summer, at its winter-break camp in Turkey. He was excited for the opportunity -- a first step toward an inevitable full-time move to Europe -- and “felt good, I was fit, I was ready.â€￾

A collision with Germany born U.S. national team defender Timmy Chandler took out his left knee.
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