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Georgia vs. Alabama National Championship game thread


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Alabama's defense didn't have injuries. They were getting pushed off the line easily by GA in the second half. I was surprised they were able to run through that line like butter. Bama seemed to be on their heels in the 4Q and seemed rattled.


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Because I wanted to enjoy the 4k broadcast, I ended up watching much of the game on the SkyCam channel. Of course, with that you miss all replays and even extra points, but you also missed all the commercials.

All that being said, ESPN really does suck.


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The injuries definitely played a role, but everyone has to deal with them. They lost the game because they did not score TD’s. Georgia was winning even when they were losing, forcing them to kick FG’s. Alabama simply ran out of gas IMO, especially in the last 10 minutes or so. Oh yeah, and Saban probably is shallow.
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