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Georgia vs. Alabama National Championship game thread


Run game... Whats that?
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Hooked on Huskers

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Nice game. Tight contest. Both D teams bend but not break ..... until 4th quarter.

I initially thought Bryce Young was a dual-threat QB. Apparently not true, all pocket passer. Mostly great decisions in freshman class.

And I love blitz for almost every play.
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The Nth Degree

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Glad to see the Bulldogs get the “W”.

Not a big fan of either team, but was pulling for GA.

On to the off-season.

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Jmatlock who pal?
Congrats to Ga they beat the greatest coach in college football tonight.
It was one of Saban’s ‘lesser’ Alabama teams. They should be better next year. They were right there. Did not make a few key plays. They kicked too many FG’s. I’d expect them to be right there again next year. They were good enough to win it, but just too many mistakes at crucial times to get it done. Reminds me a little of 1996 Nebraska. One too many mistakes.