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Georgia Southern Practice Thread: Thursday 8 Sept.: Coach Frost


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Frost’s statement where he expresses that he hopes we are equipped for that (regarding the run game during rain), is something I don’t think I have ever heard a head coach say.

Bewildering, at least to me.

Just had to explain why I laughed out loud at that to my coworkers... What a clown show.


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Little Georgia Southern Scouting Report:

On defense, the Eagles have a TON of 5th and 6th year seniors. Very experienced. And they play aggressive using 3-4/3-3-5. This team likes to send multiple rushers. With that said, the defense won't necessarily be the #1 key. The question is, can their offense wear our asses out and make this a competitive game?

On offense, they run a ton of 10 personnel with a bit more motion than us. To be honest, the offense looks a lot like Whips offense. They use outside zone more than we do, but what intrigues me most is they run TEMPO and they do it quicker than us when we do. If they can stay on the field, the 2nd half could be interesting for us as we have no depth and zero stamina.

If this is a close game at the half, hold on to your jock straps.

Couple of other notes:
* They run the outside screen the way Frost has dreamed to run it. It is very efficient play and one of their most effective.
* They throw a lot slants/outs/digs/screens but will then take their shots downfield.
* I can't say it enough, you are going to get exhausted watching Clay Helton's tempo offense. They run it FAST. If we stop them early and often, this will have an adverse effect on their defense, which would lead to a potential blowout for the Huskers.
* Not impressed with starting QB. Decent short passer, but isn't consistent with mechanics and accuracy suffers.
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