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Gas Prices

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$2.19 in Norman (100% gas .... no alcohol). E10: $1.79

BTW, used to be diesel price was higher than regular gas. Now just the opposite. I believe diesel fuel is easier to refine compared to gasoline.

You know built-in motor fuel tax? State by state. In Oklahoma, 16 cents per gallon. Nebraska: 27 cents. The cheapest .... Alaska, 8 cents. Highest: California (of course) .... 40 cents
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I knew prices would increase due to Hurricane Harvey so I filled my truck on 8/28 for $2.06 and my Prius on 8/29 for $2.23, up 8% overnight. This morning the price in upstate South Carolina as increased to $2.49!


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Here in Poky!! 3.199 per gallon!! Costco is "only" 3.049!!

Crooks!! Their reasons for the increase are bogus, yet the government steps back and cowers! :Taunt:
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