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Garret McGuire in action

I thought I saw HH in film study and the video they were reviewing showed HH playing TE. He was blocking.

WRCGM is sure intriguing. No wasted movement. Very efficient. Motivated. Leads by example. Seems to understand the nuances of WR play in the system. The WRs were dialed in to what he was saying. Detail oriented.

Remains to be seen how young recruits respond to him, but he has the toolbox to be a good one.

Great video with a lot of insight.

He reminds me of a young motivated buck Sergeant whose dad was a 1SG or Sergeant Major. Just ahead of the curve on learning the small things that lead to big things.

I believe he’s 24 which to me is old enough to get it done. Lets remember we have F18 carrier plots flying multi million dollar aircraft with many lives on the line. I have no issues with his age as long as he’s getting the job done and coaching up our WR’s to be the best in the BIG!


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