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Power of Corn

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Ive had pretty good luck in SoCal with Jalapeno peppers, they vary quite a bit, and I try to get the milder ones, which have turned out great. They continue to produce peppers from the same plant. As in.... 1 plant may be 20 inches high and as big around as a soccer ball, but may produce 24-30 peppers from April - Dec.

They can be different size and shape of course, my crop last year had smaller peppers maybe 4-4.5 inches long and as big around as your thumb, and they were red, in color, not green, as so often they are. But there is a quite a variety of them.


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Yes I garden or should I say wife does.
5 different tomatoes
5 different peppers.. Scorpion pepper for fist time
cauliflower. In the winter
okra.. in the winter
squash.. ask the wife
herb (pot)


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So far the following have sprouted and will be ready for planting soon.

Leaf lettuce
Tomatoes - Cherry 100's, Husky Mediums, Calimari
Peppers- Red, yelllow, green Bells. Big Jim. California Wonder, Cowhorn, Poblano, Pepperoncini, Cherry, and Cayenne.
Squash- Spaghetti, Butternut, and Zuchini
Plus she has a whole grip of flowers and herbs. Not Pops' herbs.