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Game 4: NU @ UCR


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Gerber is batting

outside, 1-0
Schanaman is warming up in the bullpen
S/M, 1-1
S/M, 1-2
1 strike to go
trickled foul, still 1-2
called strike 3


that is the game

NU wins 7-1, and they win the series 3-1


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The number of leadoff batters reaching base for the Huskers this weekend was a real kick-starter. Something that has been missing, but it seems that there were some pretty effective 2-out ABs also. Nice starting weekend, next two will tell us more, but with good health, should see this as team that will compete for the top tier in the B10.


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Thanks for the pbp Carrollton. For those of us who are not able to get the game or follow this thread, it is nice to go back and start at the beginning and read the whole thread as if it was happening.