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Game 3: PU v NU [W 9-5]


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Indy beat PsU today so they stay 1/2 game ahead of us.

My bad, we're tied @ 2nd in the standings with 7-2 .778 records. Michigan is 1st with a 4-1 .800 record.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday

Alright Bob. This was a good start to your weekend. :Wave:
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Finally got to watch a game on TV. Enjoyed it greatly. Thanks to all the guys who do pbp. I appreciate it and I am sure a lot of people appreciate it.


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So, one final tally on the weekend for Husker pitchers was: 2 BB, 7 HBP. That's kind of a wild stat. Even the free passes taking on a kind of efficiency for these guys! Was able to catch the last two innings on ESPNU yesterday and very nice to see two freshman finish it off in pretty impressive fashion. Both Schanaman and Gomes pounded the zone, challenged hitters and, most important, looked anything BUT first-year guys. Schanaman's change was nasty. Keep the momentum going.

Now, about NU's version of LiveStats....is that REALLY the best we can do? I have followed D2, D3 and NAIA programs with far superior platforms, does ours have to be so primitive?


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I have complained about NUs version of live stats for years...and have been ignored for years. Those in charge simply dont care.