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Game #3 - Nebraska @Minnesota - Sun. - 1 pm CT - 5-5-24 - Siebert Field

fouled off into Minn dugout
1-2 count

s/.m on a high and hard one!!
and thrown out at 2nd


Well, going to not stick around. Hope you have a great rest-of-the-day birthday, John!! Congrats on #70!

Remember, it is just a number!! :Balloons:

Take care :) Don't eat too much cake, ok? ;)


Minnesota has one more home series so I want to correct an earlier post.

Their starting left hander pitched a gem, a lot, I mean a lot of movement on his pitches. Think he even had the ump fooled as there were a lot of strikes called.
Purdue has Michigan at Michigan
Then Illinois at home

Illinois has Iowa at home (They ain’t beating that Brecht Kid)
Then Purdue away

Somethings Gotta give!

We just need to take care of our own business and win both series against a very decent Indiana team and Michigan State away

Midweek game on Wednesday an absolute must. we cannot afford the embarrassment of losing to South Dakota State
Just pitch Brockett, we will be all right.
Unless they want to save him for the weekend
He deserves a chance. :Rockon:
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FYI, just checked out So. Dakota State's record.
If we don't crush them, we should be

The are in the Summit League

17-25 overall

9-14 Summit League
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