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GAME 2: PU @ NU [W 13-4]


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Well, this has been a great weekend for Husker ball, so far. I expect these guys
not to let up; this team is on a roll!! :)

Thanks for the help, csker. See you all tomorrow.

Remember: 12:05, not 1:05, if you have a ticket
that shows the latter.
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Hi all. Had some family issues from Fri. night/early morning until late last night. Everything is pretty much okay now.

Only caught parts of the game off & on. The pbp here helps to catch up. Thanks all. :Clap:

Wife not feeling well
Going to check up on her
Hope she's okay Bob. :nod:

What a nice surprise for the kids!! :) Only in America, folks!!!

Everyone welcomed Neal Leslie, having his kids thrilled to see their dad!!

Welcome home, soldier :)
I missed this during the game. What was this about?

Robby has a good change up
and a great slurve
Never heard that term before but I like it. :Mfclap:

Got his 1st hit as a HUSKER in Fri. game & a HR today. :Rockon: :Mfclap: :Corn2:

I wish you guys would make up my mind on if I'm supposed to like dp's or not. :confused: :Biggrin:

Thanks guys for the pbp. It's nice to get caught up on what went down yesterday. :Wave:



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