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Game 2: NU v Sam Houston St L 11-10


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Guys... relaxxx. We are a northern school who today had their third full infield-outfield and full batting practice outside while teams like Texas Tech and Sam Houston State stayed outside since the fall hitting and working on defense. Relax. I promise come April it will be ok. We don’t need to be talking firing. We know we let this one get away, but look how many young guys are being called on. We are going to get better and better each week.
With the weather the ways it has been, there's not much we as fans can take away from these games, good or bad. There's just no way to prepare to be outside without being outside. My senior year, the only time we went outside before our first game was to take infield in the parking lot. That weekend didn't go well and we ended up just fine. The Huskers maybe haven't even been that fortunate yet. Long ways to go and there's good things happening.


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Way too early for a Northern school to look remotely polished. We'll see how they look mid-April.
I said before the season I was going to have to weather the storm of people with the “fire erstad” stuff with the Oregon State series, this tourney, and then Baylor series next week. I may have to wait until April to come back in this forum as we are going to lose today then lose the Baylor series.

We are going to be legit come April in my eyes. I’m all in 2019 Nebraska baseball.


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Just so I’m clear... you blame Silva for injuries last year and now this year third weekend of the season when we don’t even have people off their winter throwing programs yet pitch counts aren’t a factor?

My heavens.
Sorry, but I find his moves continually seem to end in disaster.
Again, u have your opinion, I have mine.
U constantly "correct" people. It must be nice to be "correct" all the time.
If u expect me to take your opinion all the time, save your breath. I don't expect u to take mine.

Vent your righteous opinions on someone else instead of criticizing me every chance u get! I m not the only one who thinks he has
to go! Good day, SOS.