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GAME 2: NU v #5 OSU 7:20


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Pretty nice start to the season for the Waldron Brothers! Can't say enough about Mike's stint last night. Hard not to root big time for a couple Omaha kids that have persevered through to their senior years. The story of Game Two last night was unfortunately told in the top of the first. Gotta get out front and keep the foot on the gas. But it's utterly amazing how loaded OSU is, even after watching a talent like Nick Madrigal from last year's team leave for the pros.

Let's see if we can compete and get one today. GBR!
I’m interested to see how Fisher does today. If we can get him to settle into a weekend starter role, you have Luensmann, Fisher, Waldron for your weekend rotation. Let the freshmen Perry and Gomes prove their worth against mid-week opponents and gain a ton of confidence. You also still have Curry who could fill a role if we wanted.

We are going to need to win the Fisher outing otherwise we may get swept. I’ve been encouraged how we’ve looked tho.
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