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GAME 2: NU @ Iowa 2:05


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trying to laugh it off; just not something that should happen. All those 2 out rallies, bean balls, etc.!

Happy the players did not quit

just have to reset

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Not to take away from Erstads impressive current conference standing, but 6 of NU's 10 wins are against teams that are currently 1- 21 in the conference.

Personally, I'm looking forward to more games vs 150+ RPI teams in the B1G, then Darin can bring home a conference title and we can all thump our chest over what an amazing coach he is!!!


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Today's game went 36 pages.

Longest single game page wise was; 4-13 game 2 NU vs PsU - 30 pages.

Longest Dbl. Hdr. page wise was; 3-31 Dbl. Hdr. NU vs Min - 42 pages.


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