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GAME 2: NU @ Iowa 2:05


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1) IU (8-2) .800 9 game winning streak
2) NU (10-3) .779
3) Mich (5-3) .625
4) Iowa (8-5) .615 3 game winning streak


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Schwellenbach is leading off

now 1-1
the umpire was injured by the pitch
high, 2-1
low, 3-1
fouled back, full count
we are really good at fouling balls back
another foul, 3-2
lifted foul


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Palensky is up next

fouled back (where else?), 0-1
now 1-1
ricocheted off the pitcher's leg
thrown out at 1st

Schwellenbach goes to 2nd