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Game 2: NU @ #21 Baylor [W 2-0]


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Awesome to win a game like that! Will do wonders for confidence down the road. Some real toughness today, starting with Nate, but the Acker and Schwell ABs in the 9th, and the Gomes save.


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Hindsight is 20-20, but I would have given him one more batter, because of the circumstances. But, I'll take the decision by Erstad. I am sure, Silva just delivered the message to Nate.
Probably a good move. Get him calmed down and start giving his arm a rest.


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Well, gotta' go get some more bottled water at Winco, plus a few other items. Being gone for a week, need a few things in the house.

Talk to you all tomorrow. :Wave:
Great job, Huskers, once again!

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