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GAME 2: AF @ NU 1:35 [W 12-3]


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s/m on fast ball!!

total of 11 ks for Huskers!!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

Huskers win!! Huskers win!!

Now, on to conference play


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Sanders is pinch hitting

1-0 count
outside, 2-0
S/M, 2-1
S/M, 2-2
one more strike to go
S/M, strike 3

Congratulations to the Huskers! NU sweeps the Air Force with a 12-3 victory. Conference play starts on Friday.


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6:04 audio
6:35 game start

but.............a dh is a maybe, depending on weather

Huskers now 8-7; 1st time over 500 in a month!
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