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GAME 1: PU @ NU [W 17-0]


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
0-1 on Keegan Watson

1 single/run

1-1 on a fast ball
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Cyber Traveler
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17-0 after 8. All runs are 'Earned' tonight;

6 by P. Smith in 0.2, 9 by K. Wade, 2 by H. Wynja.
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Husker Immortal
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here we go:

hit to left...Cross has it on a line drive

2 outs

had to wait until now to get the video! Hmm!

1 out to go!!

Seth Gergely

fast ball
1-0 count

lh vs rhp

hit rt side, foul

1-1 count

hit rt side..dive by 1b
toss to Klenke

Roseberry to Klenke!!

game over!!

Nice win and nice finish!

nice stab by Roseberry to
save the hit

Well, that is it, folks!

have to go to Fred Myers

Take care......and, GO BIG RED!!!
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