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Game 1: NU @ Iowa [L 2-3]


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Any talk about a regional is very premature right now.

Loss drops us to 2nd in the BIG 10, behind INdiana
I do think this team is significantly better than last season's team -- BUT -- our three conference series wins were against Penn State, Michigan State, and Purdue -- those are three of the bottom four teams in the Big Ten standings. The only conference team we've played that currently has a winning record (before this weekend) was Minnesota -- who we lost to. We eventually need to win a series against one of the better Big Ten teams (and we won't play Indiana in the regular season).


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Sorry that I wasn't able to contribute to the PBP. As much as I hate to say this, Iowa deserved to win. They were able to get a hit at a crucial moment. All we could do was offer up strike out after strike out when we were on offense. :Banghead:
Hi carrollton. :Wave: Don't worry about it...Ackos held up pretty well. :Biggrin:

Not completely!

A lot of hot shots in the outfield and on the ground .Bad luck

They had a lot of seeing eye dogs

See you tomorrow I'm dancing
Enjoy. :Wave:


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The wind hurt us on those long flies, as well. Kept knocking them down to where they were catchable. :Bananalazy: