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Fun hunting gear and gadgets


Oh my!
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Another is headlamps, I remember as a kid going out to the duck blind with my Dad and Uncle setting up decoys and opening the blind in the dark before sunrise... Hold this light, here hold this light, hold this light... Now I wouldn't know what to do without one.


2nd and 3

One of my last purchases was the Havalon Piranta knife. Changeable blades. Works for skinning and boning deer. Also works well for breasting ducks and pheasants. Have been impressed so far.


Shut up and color
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I don't know if this counts as a "gadget," but I think that it's close enough. @CrabHusker, if your wife doesn't want you killing squirrels, could you convince her that this is a way to give them the fun experience of flying?

I already showed her one of these videos and was roundly chastised.

While I think she'd prefer the squirrel launcher to either my dogs killing them or a 5.56 squirrel ventilator, my rolling laughter at the squirrel trebuchet was...not....appreciated.