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Frost's director of recruiting operations takes job at Alabama.


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I heard Scott was backing away from him. (Joking). Not too worried. Had zero impact on ScoFro’s 1st class which was pretty good with everything considered.


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Frost has this more than handled so I'm not even gonna think about it.

Instead I'm going to reply to Mack's excellent post:
He says it was short for mercenary, but I know he was really thinking about Mercuries. We got one back in '63. Had an inverted (slanted inwards) power rear window you could roll down for ventilation. They called it a Breezeway.

I was 4, the youngest in a car full of kids in the back. I'd climb up and lay flat on the trunk with my legs dangling over the back seat as we tooled around town. No car seat for me, my friends - I was a natural man.

Kids today don't know what they're missing. :wink:

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