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Frost out; Mickey Joseph Named Interim Head Coach


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I didn't expect this at all, even if they lost yesterday. I thought the buy-out agreement would force a delay. I read that wrong, so I'll acknowledge my error there.

I have to think Alberts is doing this to try and give the players playing THIS season a chance to hit the reset and try to salvage their year. The irony is that the offense, despite being full of new players, new coaches, etc, was performing pretty well. They have been scoring at a good enough clip to expect to win their games.

I expect we'll see an overhaul of the defense. Is there anything that can be done on that side of the ball that will help THIS year?
the problem has been when the offense was good, the defense was bad, and when the offense was bad, the defense was good. thats the problem. no complimentry football, just lots of inconsistent play and thats before you factor in special teams.

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I agree, but the asst coaches are under contract for 2 years. More buyout $ for them too?

FWIW, I don't foresee any drastic changes. We still have the same players and coaches, with the same issues. Too bad MJ will be saddled with a loosing record as a head coach. In addition, MJ will likely not be kept by the next HC.
You never know. Donte Williams (remember him?) had a losing record at USC taking over for Clay last year, but Lincoln Riley kept him on the staff. He was too good of a recruiter and loved by the players.

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I'm really not sure if that's his niche or not. When he was at Oregon, that was Chip Kelly's offense, not Frost's. Frost may have technically been calling the plays, but that's a bit like saying Solich was Osborne's offensive coordinator. He might have had that title, but everybody knows who really was in charge of the offense. Frost didn't have final say on offensive play calls until he went to UCF. There he did it mostly with the previous coach's players, and even the UCF team that went undefeated was undisciplined (one of the most heavily penalized teams in FBS that year.)
Didn’t Chip leave for the NFL and then Frost called the plays for Helfrich for a couple of years? I believe Frost was calling the plays the year Oregon went to the playoff and won the semifinal game.

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In my 68 years on this planet there was never a better reason to give a stiff middle finger to the state I was born in and tell them good riddance. This is Harvey Perlman's doing after firing two 9-3 coaches. Nebraskans are a proud, but not very smart bunch. You have fired your way into oblivion and don't even know why.
To quote Don Henley:
You could have given us the finger
Much more constructively than that

Bye, don't let the door hit ya in the azz on the way out.

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It needed to be done and I’m not terribly surprised it happened today. I’m glad Trev was willing to give Frost more time by not canning him last year. Frost was given every opportunity to succeed at Nebraska and couldn’t get the job done. Everyone has their limit and perhaps Frost just is best suited as an assistant. I’m super proud of the legacy he left as a player and I hope he knows we all put our faith in him as coach. Sometimes things just don’t work out even if it all made sense at the time. The next coach is out there and hopefully it is one who focuses and respects the fundamentals of football so we can start winning games again.
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