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Frost excuse for not scoring ruined.


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Have my own feelings about this one but refuse to start the GREAT BALLOON WARS.... :Stickouttongue:

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The university should purchase 92,000 tiny little red drones, give em to everybody in attendance at the door, at the first score they all lift off and do some crazy choregraphed movement before they all return to their designated landing spot only to be handed out for the next game.
That sounds like a great idea! From some of the drone demostrations I have seen in the past, this idea could be made quite impressive. The programming (coding) of the choreography could be loads of fun (different routines for different scores; used for more than just the first score, but on subsequent scores during the rest of the game; etc.). Whisper in Trev's ear and get the computer department busy so they will have it done by the first home game.


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Texas that. Sure, it's not the end of the world. But it's a cool and unique tradition. Kids in the stands hold the balloons... and after the first score, they're gone.

There was talk last year about replacing it with "waving a towel" after the first score. How stupid is that? What are you supposed to do with the towel after the first score?

I would challenge anyone to come up with a tradition that's as unique. The B1G even uses it as an identifier for NU in their commercials.

WINNING was the tradition I always appreciated the most. And we gave that one up a long time ago now.

The rest are just nice trinkets.
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Those of you who got to let a balloon go at a Husker game as a kid, tell me that when you see the balloons go up at a game you don't feel a tug on the ol' heart strings. It's a nostalgic, unique, and a genuine, organic tradition, not like silly B1G trophies, manufactured rivalries, or commercial-driven alt uniforms. You might as well tell the OSU band they can't dot the I anymore.
Just one more degredation of the college football live experience.


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Meh. It was different. The Boy Scouts and all. But I'm sure we can start another tradition. I mean, besides, you know, getting back to curb stomping teams.
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