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Not sure why ex Nebraska players can’t be on the main board especially when they come up so often in discussions

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"Robinson was an effective running back at Nebraska"

I believe all WR position @ Kentucky.
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No I have followed him at UK and he has had rare carries, no more than 2/game, often Jet sweep.
No 3 straight runs on first and goal as an I back at UK, that's for sure...
Yes. 7 carries for 111 yards — 16 yards per carry. Just how he should be used. Receiving number and yards this year exceed his two year total at Nebraska. And Kentucky at 8-3 in second place in SEC East. Good move by him and his new team.


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I have always believed he was a good player. He wasn’t used properly but is a good receiver. Unfortunately I did get some push back but that’s ok. He’s got some legit talent.
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The article also says he’s earned six figures in NIL money this year. So yeah, good for him all the way around.