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Friday Scrimmage Video: Things seen

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takeaways from below: Lamar Jackson, Deontai Williams, Tre Neal, and Marquel Dismuke are running with the first team defense alot in the backfield, Braxton Clark is in there alot too, i don't expect him to start, but i'd bet the house on him seeing the field week 1. Marquel Dismuke can make some PLAYS (two fantastic ones in the short video). Bodies are going to get shuffled in* and shuffled around* on that defensive line, think you could see alot of different combinations and looks from that group in 1 game. Never actually saw Gebbia in this video, but in the photo album release yesterday he was pictured twice, paying with the 1st team offense each time.

1. Deontai Williams cutting in front of Stanley Morgan to pick off a pass

2. JD Spielman catching a pass with Tre Neal in pursuit toward the sideline

3. Austin Rose (hello??) catching a pass near the sideline and being tackled by Mo. Barry - intriguing because Mo Barry is likely going to start – and nobody has had rose anywhere close to the top of the RB depth chart, could just be a scrimmage fluke, or something more. Of note. Dedrick Young is on the sideline for this play, so maybe its not a 1st team defensive rep? Gebbia also on the sideline so he didn’t sling this one

4. Austin rose escaping a Tate wildeman tackle attempt only to be swallowed up by Jacob winemaster, Tony Butler also in on the tackle. OLineman Collin Shefke was in for this play

5. Adrien Martinez Slinging an in-stride dart to JD Spielman. Carlos Davis (DT on this play) and Freedom and Ben Stille in the shot. JD makes a valiant effort to shake Deontai Williams (there he is running with the 1’s again) but it looks like Deontai gets him down. Luke Gifford and Alex Davis were the OLB’s on this play. Cole Conrad and old Farniok are the only Olineman I can identify on this snap

6. Pass attempt (can’t tell who threw it) to jack stoll who is well* covered by Tre Neal, but Marquel Dismuke magically cuts in-between* them to pick the ball off and start steaking down the east sideline. You can see Old Farniok 15 yards ahead of him trying to figure out how he is going to tackle Dismuke. Deontai Williams was also on the field (T. Neal, D. Williams, and Dismuke all on field at once)

7. Maurice Washington running outside, being tackled by Mo Barry (primarily) and Deontai Williams. Lamar Jackson is also in pursuit Sideline yardmarker says this was a 1yd loss

8. Maurice Washington slips away from a Tre Neal tackle in the backfield, but is slowed up enough there to be swallowed up by Mo Barry (who burned / got around the corner badly on Tanner Farmer) and Peyton Newell who puts Cole Conrad to shame on the play. Only 1 O-lineman seems to be winning on this play and it is Matt Farniok who is blocking either D. Daniels or Carlos Davis, Deontre Thomas was playing D-End on the play. Lamar Jackson was in on this snap

9. Cameron Jurgens catches a pass and is tackled (chopped down at the shins) by Ethan Cox (smart approach ethan - #44 is a brick)

10. JD spielman catching a ball near the LOS in the slot, Trey Neal coming in to attempt the tackle (result not shown JD getting ready to stiff arm). Stanley morgan blocking LuKe GiFfOrD on the outside (I kid you not) and Stanley wins that 1-on-1… OK that’s weird

11. Marquel Dismuke absolutely abolishing Miles Jones after catch in the middle of the field. This would be a penalty in the NFL because his head is really* down, but a perfect college hit – right in the midsection – would probably draw a flag anyways because – everything is stupid. Braxton Clark is in on this play

12. Devine Ozigbo escaping some Mo Barry traffic in the backfield to break through Tyrin Ferguson and Tre Neal tackle attempts for a touchdown. Lamar Jackson being blocked by jack Stoll on the play (any guesses on how that went?) Olinemand include Foster and M. Farniok. Austin Allen is in for the snap (alert, Stoll and Allen on field together on opposite sides of the line for a Goal line snap). Additional defenders include Deontai Williams and Deontre Thomas

13. Devine celebrates with Morgan, Allen, and Stoll

14. Katerion Legrone catches a pass in the end-zone with no one near him. Defenders shown are Simon Otte and Eli Sullivan

15. Maurice Washington running (flying) outside, skips over a diving tackle attempt by Marquel Dismuke and spins away from a Lamar Jackson encounter who at least succeeded in pushing Maurice to the ground. Stanley Morgan blocking Lamar on the play. Tre Neal shown on the play

16. Jaron Woodyard with the ball near the sideline. Breon Dixon flases from off-the-screen to take him down. Braxton Clark and Marquel Dismuke also in on the tackle

17. Adrien Martinez completes a pass to Tyjon lindsey (pass not shown) for a touchdown. Young Farniok, Matt Sichterman, and John Raridon are in on the play as well as Kurt Rafdal. Defenders include Peyton Newell, Deontre Thomas, Collin Miller, Will Honas, Marquel Dismuke, JoJo Doman, and Cam Taylor. Clearly a 2nd team rep for the offense

18. Lindsey celebrates with Rafdal and the Martinez
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I think we saw Cole Conrad get beat in a clip today by big DD. I like the guy, but he looked manhandled a couple of times in clips we've seen now.
I recall how much better Decker looked in that spot last year than Conrad did, and I worry. Replacing him would mean shuffeling the line up, and that would be a bummer


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