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Friday Night Games


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Sam Khan Jr. ESPN Staff Writer

Texas announced that it provided about 500 tickets to Hurricane Harvey evacuees in Austin-area shelters. Guests will be provided with transportation and food vouchers for stadium concession stands. There also will be a pregame moment of silence for those affected by Harvey.


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i am surprised dbacks have been slow to making the adjustment to going for the legs.
All happens in a split second so that adjustments is extremely difficult to make. Your head is going to follow your eyes and BANG if the receiver lowers his helmet. Also a D back is looking to break up the pass which isn't going to happen very often if the strike is below the waist.

If they call unnecessary roughness without ejecting the player I'd have more tolerance. This CRAP of ejecting players that obviously have ZERO intent on targeting is just pure BS IMO........ That's why that Utah State player was so upset and I don't blame him.


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Utah State has always been dangerous.

Whiskey looks unemotional, but also unconcerned.


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Future opponent, Northern Illinois, is playing Boston College currently.

Northern Illinois is up 10-3 in the 2nd quarter.