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Fred Hoiberg's Pre Purdue Game Press Conference

Red Don

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Pre Purdue Game Press conference with Coach Hoiberg & Kobe Webster (20:31)

Some take-aways: (not in any particular order)
  • Walker didn't play much vs Maryland, feeling bad prior game, just wanted to work him back in.
  • Purdue really tough game coming up. Only Light work-arounds, had some guys leave the court fatigued. Want to keep 2-3 guys fresh as possible to bring into game to slow Purdue down.
  • Playing more games (i.e. back-t-b) is better for us (consistent with players' well-being - continually monitored by training staff.)
  • Getting experience meaningful for players' development. We're seeing players develop before our eyes - Andre (good skill set, work ethic), Lakes (good experience, should see ingame more).
  • Development a matter of repetition, esp for guys like Andre & Yvan who came into game late.
  • Some players (McGowens) aren't back to where they were before the break. Takes everyone time to work back into shape, & game rhythm.
  • Back to back games not just physically fatiguing but mentally. See it in defensive break-downs.
  • Player Development a big part of what he wants to accomplish for rest of season.
  • Wants some continuity going into next season and with incoming recruits.
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