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Fred Hoiberg Press Conference 10/13/20

Red Don

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Fred Hoiberg Press Conference: 10/13/2020 (44:04)

Brief Recap I found elsewhere :Redface:
  • Work ethic is good, has to kick guys out of the gym
  • Guys are working out without the coaches
  • Had one positive Covid test in the group thus far, which is no longer active
  • Had their first 'real' intersquad scrimmage on Friday and the players have taken a break from practice until Wednesday
  • Multiple guys will initiate the offense (mentions by name Webster, McGowens, Banton)
  • List Banton's playmaking ability as his biggest asset though brings up turnovers at this point.
  • Lists Thor, Webster, McGowens, Mayan, Allen, and Stevenson when listing 3pt shooters.