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Frank is coming back!


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Happy to see this. Hopefully he'll be introduced at a game this year or next and the fence can be mended to some degree. No need to re-hash the whole firing thing in yet another thread.


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Finally, the Frank has come back to Lincoln. Fearless Frankie was the face of the stability of the coaching staff for so long. He held the Orange Bowl rushing record for so long, bled scarlet and cream: very glad to get the opportunity to say "sorry we lost control, we still love you".

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According to a news release, the Tom Osborne Legacy Award is presented by the FWAA and Rotary International to a person for, among other things, making extraordinary contributions to the Outland Trophy and to interior line play in college football and for exhibiting the characteristics of integrity, sportsmanship and fair play associated with Osborne.
Gotta love this award...looks like nearly everyone who's won it qualifies only on the later criteria of the award. Tenopir qualifies on all counts, but Barry may not qualify at all.

Great thing for TO to do for FS.
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