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Fox Sports NOT on Dish TV

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Because I still love the Sunday Ticket. And our internet speed is crappy where I live, so I'm not sure it could support the amount of TVs I have going at once.
Internet speed is 10Mbps minimum according to expert who is a HMax member (I forgot HM member nickname). Not sure amount of TVs.

I got 25-30Mbps.
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Internet speed is 10Mbps minimum according to expert who is a HMax member. Not sure amount of TVs. (Dummy here)

I got 25-30Mbps.
On a college football Saturday or NFL Sunday, I have 4 tvs going at once. I don't think I have the bandwidth to stream all of them.

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I cut the cord four years ago and will never go back. I watch what I want when I want. Ended up landing on Hulu live after trying several different services. However, if I want to change, it real easy to cancel and start something else.


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.... dumped directv, going to dish .... Me too, 5 years ago or so. Now cut the cord club.

Used to be DirecTV was independent company. Pretty good service until gobbled up with evil AT&T. AT&T=Jerks. Almost sure DishNetwork will joined DirecTV path .... probably next year.

Anyho, both DirecTV & Dish weak link, weather (past experience).

BTW in the near future, DirecTV and Dish satellites will be idle. Another space junk. Why? ... because 99.9% people will join TV streaming signal.
Until then, I'm happy. :)


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We left Direct Tv a few months ago. I was debating between Hulu Live and YouTube TV. Cobra Kai tilted the scales in favor of YouTube TV.
That was a surprisingly good first season. I have not watched the second. Welcome to Team YouTubeTV!

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I always had Dish. Never had any issues with their customer service.

Never had DirecTV

Now live in the country, and had just enough bandwidth to stream. YouTubeTV seems great. For about 40% of the cost of Dish.