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Former Huskers who transferred


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Smothers would have beaten him out pretty easily. Luke still should have stayed and taken a receiver role as that is really his only chance of playing in the league.
Vedral 22-28 145yards 1TD 0 Int.
rushing 10 for -13.

Syracuse defense very good. not sure Smothers would have beaten Vedral out.


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I really wish things would have worked out here for Roberts. We could use the Oregon St. version of Roberts.

By all accounts, Ruud tried to make it work. Perhaps Roberts was too loyal to Riley, Bray, etc. at the time and didn't fully embrace the new staff.
I have watched his games at OSU and we are fine without him. Sure, he did all those things but his production was not that impressive.


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I have been pretty impressed with Smothers so far. Vedral could run the offense but he was far from an elite D1 QB.
Yet starting for Rutgers and the qb he ran off beat us. Not saying smothers won’t be better just that he is a d1 qb


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Gebbia had the starting job before a serious injury and surgery. I think that one surprises me most. Mcaffery and Vedral don't surprise me at all. I thought V should have started at NU.
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