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Former Coach Zach Smith


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She released pictures of herself that she sent to Urbs wife. Do you think she hit herself? That was what got him fired.
Police, nor Urbs wife believed the pictures and that is not what got him fired. Violating the protection order was what got him fired. Stick to the facts and you have a clearer picture.
Kind of sorry I started this thread. The dude is whack the chick is crazy and the whole situation is bad for all involved.

Maybe this needs to be closed, I think it has gone off on way to much assumption.
I agree, but I also expect similar stories to be coming down the pipe, and then there will just be another iteration of this same discussion, saying the same things, probably in the same way. Let's just keep it all here and avoid the repetition.


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Do you assume a lot about a person's background based on an online post on a football discussion board? Do you assume that you know more than others when asking in the guise of an open-ended question? Do you feel like your credentials give more weight to your assumptions?

Read the whole context of what I wrote because I stand by it. I've spent most of my adult life working with damaged, abused kids. You're quoting talking points from a college seminar.

Edit: Re-reading this, I'm coming across as more upset than I actually am, fwiw. I'm exhausted from conversations that involve flashing credentials to give weight to what is an opinion. I see what looks like both parents ignoring their kids' best interests.
I wasn't 'flashing credentials' at all, just sharing my knowledge and experience on the subject. I am by no means 'sharing talking points from a college seminar'. I respect you and your posts on this board, it was just the 'What is wrong with her for staying' quote that struck me, as I hear it so often in regards to victims of domestic violence. I have a lot of personal experience in speaking with victims and my point was it is never as simple as we'd like it to be. We don't have all the insight or knowledge of their relationship, and one thing that always stands out in domestic violence situations is how unique they are to the specific relationship. There is usually plenty of blame to go around, but women are typically in a disadvantaged position in our society, and especially with someone like Zach Smith who is/was in a higher social position than his wife and others in his situation. Those factors should be taken into consideration before simply blaming the victim IMO. That was all. I still agree with both of us not knowing the intricacies.
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