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Foreman and Vrzal Podcast


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-They are not concerned that NU didnt get the extra practices from a bowl game...weight room and film study is more important right now. Ziggy as an example.
Would normally 100% disagree with this, but I just tallied up how many injuries we have, and we need to get healthy. Normally those practices are great for development of younger guys. Over 50% of our freshmen defensive recruits are rehabbing serious injuries.


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Can't listen to Vrzal. When he subs for Bahe I have to switch to Severe on 590. The dude-brah surfer dude voice is annoying. Foreman is good on the wednesday segment of benning's show though.
Love Jay Foreman. I like Matt - he is a good dude in real life, seriously down to earth and what you see/hear from Matt is what you get.


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And it’s the best segment of the week, in all of Omaha sport radio.

I guess you don’t like to laugh.
Did you forget your sarcasm emoji?

I like to laugh as much as the next guy. That doesn’t mean I want to listen to Nick Bahe giggle at stupid stuff Schick is saying.