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For those that want Matt Campbell as HC if Frost is fired.....


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Campbell will still have a D-1 job next year this time if he wants. Right now that statement can't be made for Frost...
There's at least two -- but one is no longer available (Napier). I already stated who my #1 is -- Dave Aranda.

I have zero disdain for Campbell -- where did you see that? I'm assuming you read my lengthy praise of him.

I'd trade Frost for a dozen donuts and a Lone Star to wash 'em down. So, basically any coach would be fine. lol. But I have a man crush on Aranda.
It was so good last night to see Stetson Bennett the fourth job Nicky boy—After the game it was great to see so many of the players from Georgia have a man crashes on their coaches and on OTHER players


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I’d be good with either MC or Aranda… if SF doesn’t work out. Winning at ISU is no small feat, and MC is one of my top choices.

Hoping everything gels for the Huskers this year and this conversation is moot. GBR.

Ellis Boyd Redding

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One thing I picked up on this year, and it’s purely MY perception, is that when Matt Campbell would face adversity in a game, he would LOOK pissed. When Scott Frost would face adversity in a game, he would LOOK panicked.

Just my opinion. But once I saw it, I saw it game after game. Really bad optics IMO for SF. Emitted no sense of confidence whatsoever.