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For Each Coaching Transition You Were Around for (or Know about) - Name At Least One Positive Thing For Each Coach


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Solich - maintained continuity and culture. Had only one rough season. Won our last conference championship and had the Huskers playing for a national championship.

Callahan - Retained Turner Gill for one season.

Pelini - got some of the band back together and had conference championship contender teams most seasons. Played for 3 conference championships in 2 leagues in 7 seasons. Told a vocal minority of the fan base what the majority of us were thinking. Tried to expose Shawn Eichorst before it was cool.

Frost - No-nonsense and knows what good football is. Has the support of the overwhelming majority of the fan base. Gives us our best chance to get to championship football before Osborne leaves this earth. Looks like he'd still run over and through linebackers if given the opportunity. Years ago saw him at a Council Bluffs casino with a chick on each arm... my kinda fella.

Edit: Oops, forgot Riley.

Edit 2: No I didn't.
This isn't going to make some people happy.

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Why has no one yet mentioned the immortal Dr. Langdon Frothingham? He was not only the first Nebraska head coach, he was also undefeated. Only one other Nebraska coach went undefeated, but he only coached half as many games as the Great Doctor Frothingham. :wink:


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Hows that?
en·ul·ti·mate | \ pi-ˈnəl-tə-mət \
Definition of penultimate

1: next to the last the penultimate chapter of a book
2: of or relating to the next to the last syllable of a word a penultimate accent

I think MABC is asking if you really meant to say Osborne was the 'Penultimate' coach. If taken literally it means Solich would be the 'Ultimate' or 'last' coach.


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Devaney - Brilliant leader, surrounded himself with great assistants.
Osborne - Evolved his coaching every year. Loved by his players.
Solich - Legacy player and assistant coach.
Callahan - Agree, recruiting
Pelini - Consistent wins
Riley - Nice guy
Frost - Inspires confidence

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Devaney - luckiest thing that ever happened to Nebraska
Osborne - A true student of the game who made himself great and a legend.
Solich - Outstanding player and good coach.
Callahan - Tried hard to re-build the team and brought in some great talent
Pelini - Decent coach
Riley - Nicest coach we ever had.
Frost - Lives up to his reputation

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Devaney - Started coaching at Nebraska before I was old enough to care about football (I didn't start caring until 1966). Showed he was will to change his coaching after back-to-back 6-4 seasons that 2 years later started back-to back National Championships

Osborne - Consistently changing to make not only the team better, but the student/athletes better for life.

Solich - Loyal to school, coaches, and players. Would have loved to see the outcome of 2 more years after he made major changes to the coaching staff.

Callahan - No Comment. (I was on vacation those 4 years).

Pelini - Loved his fire as a defensive coach when not burdened with head coaching responsibilities.

Riley - Would have made a wonderful next door neighbor (if you didn't live next door to Memorial Stadium).

Frost - Glad he came back from Stanford. Has shown the strength of character to keep working even after getting booed by his team's fans. Brings hope for better times to Nebraska football and their fans.


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I think some are missing the mark.

The only thing I'd ask is that it actually be something they brought to the table and not things like "I liked when they left the program."
I will try to post what was asked in the OP in regards to what they brought to the table, not hindsight of what they were.

Osborne - Coaching consistency within championship program, student of the game.
Solich - Coaching consistency within championship program.
Callahan - Recruiting prowess, outstanding OL coach, NFL credentials.
Pelini - Defensive guru, passion.
Riley - Tenured coach who played or coached under very good HC's, generally well respected in football circles, connections.
Frost - Played and coached under very good coaches, played both sides of ball, offensive innovator, tempo.

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1. Devaney won 2 National Championships.
2. Osborne won 3.
3. All those other guys seemed to have good hygiene, but I was never close enough to any of them to be sure.
4. The newest guy looks pretty good so far. Rough start but I like the trend. Plus I haven't heard anything bad about his hygiene.