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Fleck Lessons?


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Elwood von Kiowa

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Osborne didn't need to be fiery, as he always developed leaders on the field that took care of that.

Frost lacks both fire and leaders.
Seriously? Frost lacks fire?

I think he's as frustrated as any of us that the leaders aren't stepping up and demanding accountability. How to fix that? Well, that's his job. Can't say I have any answers that he hasn't already considered.

Elwood von Kiowa

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He's a 'Rah, Rah' guy. That usually burns out. Kids start tuning it out. Of course if you're winning, it's easier to take.
He's more than a 'rah rah' guy, though. Those who don't follow the program closely make this mistake and poo-poo the taglines and 'gimmicks' but there are lessons behind each one, and the kids take that in. He's a former elementary teacher, and he uses those lessons to impart wisdom with his phrases and words.

Also he helps cultivate leaders beyond him and the coaching staff. He talked about that in his intro presser 3 years ago and us Gopher fans are starting to see he's actually walking the walk.. he has his upperclassmen run parts of practice and calling plays. During the spring games, the coaching staffs are made up of senior starters on the team along with the assistant coaches.

If you just gloss over his pressers and interviews.. sure he comes off as a 'rah rah' guy. But beyond that, he's so much more.

I think the next level is being Wisconsin or Iowa which means contending for the West and the B1G. CFP isn't that far off when you start winning conference titles. If he ends up being another Kirk Ferentz who just finds ways to win 8-10 games a year, Minnesota will name a building after him.
I'm ready to name a building after him after last years shellacking of Wisconsin in Madison.. I dunno what you are on about! lol