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Fishing Kayaks

I will!


I love bass fishing. Have done that since I was a little kid. Those guys will be my biggest target. LOL.

Thanks again!
Take a look at the small 2 man bass boats. When not using my bigger boat I have used one of the smaller 2 man boats for smaller lakes for the last 4 or 5 years. If you like to bass fish, which is what I do, I think the 2 man is a better option.

Any place you can get into with a kayak you can get into with one of these. They are almost impossible to flip over, you'd have to really try hard to try and flip it, so you have don't have to worry so much about losing a lot of fishing gear. To me the bigger thing is the ability to use a trolling motor so you spend your time casting not paddling.

When I bought my 2 man my buddy bought a kayak, he has since sold that and now has a 2 man. Being older part of it was the difficulty getting in and out of the kayak, plus getting wet feet getting in and out isn't bad in the summer but it's different in early spring when the water temp is in the 40s and 50s.


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