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first cook of the year.

How do you reheat wings, I use anova for pork butt
I let them thaw on the counter or put in a bowl of water, since they are sealed. Then I pop them in the Deep fat fryer or air fryer. DFF at 350 deg just takes about 2 and a half minutes. That and a veggie tray and my wife and I can sit down for a game.

What makes up the salt free rub, how does the final product compare to a salt rub? Thanks
rubs generally cant penetrate into the meat. salt can and acts as a carrier of the other ingredients.

salt breaks down some tissues allowing the other stuff to get in. also its why they always say you should brine a turkey. its basically a salt water bath.
I grill and smoke year round. I especially like starting the Weber charcoal in a blizzard, or in 0 degrees. It keeps the neighbors scared.
When you weigh cost, versatility, and taste, a Weber Kettle charcoal is tough to beat.
I was going to do a pork butt five or six weekends ago at the request of one of my wife's friends, but it rained. Torrential rain. I do have a pretty good sized umbrella over my Kamado Joe, but my last attempt to smoke something when the weather was like that was a giant sized pain. Postponed it and stuck the butt in the freezer.

The next schedule event a few weeks later, the guest of honor came down with Covid. I honestly didn't know that was still a thing. Left the butt in the freezer.

The next weekend, my wife came down with Covid. The butt is still in the freezer, but I did do a chicken, kind of like Pitchers & Catchers reporting to Spring training in the smoking world.

The week after that, the wife gets rebound Covid. Yep. They're making up new names all the time. Butt still frozen.

We were supposed to have her friend over this weekend, but the wife was still under the weather and Saturday was like a damned monsoon again.

Butt is still in the freezer.

I'm thinking next nice weekend I don't have something scheduled, I'm just going to throw that bad boy on the smoker, especially after seeing your pictures. If no one else is there to eat it, sucks for them.
Proof that if you "follow the science", that butt isn't going to smoke itself!


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