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Fire Scott Frost


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Third, I hope SF realized that he was outcoached on Saturday. I hope there is enough self-reflection (and I think he's the type of guy who will do that) to improve himself and thus the team.
Frost throws the ball better today than he did in College. I think he's the type that is constantly evaluating and learning. I think he'll get better, but there's no magic and he probably isn't going to have a team as talented as the ones he played on anytime soon. Fans just want to have something to hang their hats on... it's been so long they are desperate. I haven't lost hope, and I'm now prepared for AM2 to have a sophomore slump (I don't think he is thought).



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I think most of us understand your frustration. I avoided the boards as soon as things headed downhill because I knew it wasn’t going to be productive. I felt better Monday, but then last night, Yelich fractures his kneecap. Friggin’ sports ...


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Kubler 5 stages of grief.
1 Denial
2 Anger
3 depression
4 bargining
5 Acceptance.

With NU football it is circular. As soon as we reach acceptance we go straight back into denial which leads us all back to anger.
Oh yeah, well what do you know, jerk?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm just a little down right now.

Maybe NU can win the rest of their games and go 11-1!

Sigh, they'll be lucky to win 6 games.


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I just don't do the boards during the game. Distracting emotional battles and useless complaining when things go south for a nano-second. I just watch the games and tune in later to see the blood bath unfold on the board. I think the Huskers will get better as the year rolls along much like last year. I think the B1G West Champ/Heisman hype had both players and fans a little over confident. That combined with the miracle in Orlando...we have some huge expectations.

I get a kick out of the 'play calling' drumbeat....no one complains when plays work...only when they don't. SF didn't have trouble calling plays in Florida. Maybe need to sharpen the game plan but frankly with 2 big weapons gone and so many unknowns, I think this is a learning time for 2019. AM has not been the same this year....not sure why...but I think he's getting ready to get back to what made him effective last year.